Now in their fourth day without power, Bridgeport residents are losing patience.  At Thursday night’s 6:00 news conference, held by Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, a United Illuminating official said his repair crews were being pelted with eggs by angry Bridgeport residents and he wanted them to have police protection.  UI vice president Tony Marone, suggested that comments made by Bridgeport Mayor William Finch, about the pace of restoration efforts, may have instigated the egg throwing incidents.  The mayor is providing police protection for the crews. “They were throwing eggs at our trucks…This is uncalled for and undeserved,” Marone said.

Obama Given Earful?

The News Times of Danbury is reporting Mayor Finch gave President Obama an earful, Thursday,Lineman during a conference call, on the situation in the Park City, but a mayoral aide said Finch was “respectful.”  “The mayor received a thorough answer and thanked the President for all of his assistance,” said Adam Wood, Finch’s chief-of-staff.


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    I find the behavior of this Mayor and the residents throwing things at the WORKERS to be unconcionable. These men are trying to HELP you- many of them are loaners from other states that have come thousands of miles to lend support to the utility companies as extra man hours. You deserve to get no power if you can not behave like human beings. To the Mayor – SHAME ON YOU for not conducting yourself like a leader, rather than a whiner! You halted PROGRESS for your city, and cost many to go without power for even longer – and the unneccessary use of police to have to protect these workers because of your stupidity – which means they are not out helping other people. You should be voted out of office… Signed someone who has lived through many hurricanes and never seen a mayor so stupid.