This is not the sort of news President Obama’s economy wanted to hear.  Christmas shopping season is a bust.  The story is counter to the headline the Fed will pull back on its economic pump priming, believing the economy is growing.  And maybe it is.  But when people are reducing their Christmas shopping, it is a stark reminder, they are concerned about “Happy Days” being here again.

Take the second paragraph of Anne D’Innocenzio’s AP story:

“This is shaping up to be the most discount-driven holiday season since the country was in a deep recession.  It’s also one of the most disappointing for storesRetail store.”


The bottom line is, retail outlets may have a difficult time reaching their bottom line.  That is because consumers are concerned with theirs.  Couple that with Obamacare and higher energy costs, and you could have an economy begging for more Fed intervention and not less in 2014.

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... Tom

    You need to read beyond the lead. “The National Retail Federation, the nation’s largest retail group, also is standing by its forecast that sales in stores and online combined will be up 3.9 percent to $602.1 billion.

    That growth would be higher than last year when sales rose 3.5 percent to $579.5 billion, according to the retail federation.”

    The opening grabs the reader’s attention, but the entire story is not as gloomy as the lead suggests.

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... Wayne Johnson

    The ONLY place the economy is booming is for all of Obama’s cronies and bloated Staff and entourage,the Education and government unions and bureaucrats,College Administrators and their Staff,and so on. For the regular citizens and Taxpayers,this economy is horrible and most people have seen decreases in their bottom line and many layoffs. That is the REAL story of the Obama era and not the “happy,happy,joy,joy” liberal propaganda to try to make Democrats look better before re-election time next year.

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... Jerry

    I did not see as many shoppers this year. I know I spent much less and most of my kids asked for cash. Very little wrapping paper in the garbage this year. Turned down for about one job a month all year. Practicing saying ‘Do you want fries with that?’