The commander of the CT State Police, Col. Danny Stebbins, is visiting state police barracks, as state police troopers prepare to take a ‘no-confidence’ vote on his leadership and that of CT Department of Public Safety Commissioner Reuben Bradford.  Bradford was appointed by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who continues to back his leadership.  The union representing state police, and brass are at odds over the consolidation of dispatch centers, reassignment of troopers in investigative units to road duty, and contract negotiations that many union members feel did not go their way.

Stebbins and trooper in testy exchange

The Register Citizen newspaper reports that on a visit to the Montville barracks, Col Stebbins was confronted by a state trooper who claimed the actual number of 9-1-1 calls that go unanswered or dropped is higher than what leadership reports, to which Col Stebbins replied “It’s my stage.”   Col. Stebbins did not deny he made that statement, but said it was part of a sentence he used, when the trooper confronted him with statistics to back up his point.  To which Col. Stebbins said the trooper wanted to debate him so he responded, “It’s my stage to present plans for the future.”

There’s no word when the ‘no-confidence’ vote will take place, although it could come as soon as this week.  It would be the first ‘no-confidence’ vote taken in the history of the CT State Police.