Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy loves to tout himself as the education governor.  You would have a tough time convincing State Rep. Jay Case, R-Winchester.  As Winchester public schools face the prospect of closing by the end of the year, because of the town’s financial difficulties, Case is upset with the lack of state help.  He was especially steamed this week, when the Malloy administration announced it was using taxpayers’ dollars to buy the New Haven pro tennis tournament.   He sent a letter to the governor blasting the purchase, while Winchester schools faced a dire future.

“The Governor’s administration has been unwilling to take a more substantial role in Winsted’s immediate and dire education predicament, yet it’s trumpeting government’s head-first dive into the sports management business,” Case told the Register Citizen newspaper. “That doesn’t sit well with me, and throwing money toward a tennis tournament that even corporate sponsors bailed on won’t sit well with folks I represent either.”

“Over the course of two days, the governor has managed to find money to help out Bridgeport’s federal education program and to buyout the New Haven Open,” he said. “If this state has money to spend on tennis, maybe our governor should pay a little more attention to Winchester’s problems. He can even make the hike out of Hartford and explain to the taxpayers of Winchester why a sporting event with declining attendance is more important than their kids’ schooling.”

Malloy’s communications director responded the administration does not believe the schools are in danger of closing and that they are working with town officials to rescue the situation.Rep. Jay Case

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