Tampa, Fl. authorities are asking for the public’s help, following the brutal beating of a U.S. Army soldier early Sunday morning.  The soldier’s car had broken down and he was walking to his apartment in South Tampa, when the attack – caught on video – occurred.  The male attackers are described as teens or in their early 20s.  Three are black and the fourth is Hispanic.  The victim’s wallet and cellphone were stolen.  He was forced to knock on neighborhood doors for help, after struggling to get to his feet.  Tampa Police say the number to call for information is 813-354-6600.   The solder suffered cuts and bruises and was taken to Tampa General Hospital.  A full recovery is expected.

  • George Gombossy

    I wonder if this a copy cat of the Baltimore case where a tourist was beaten by young men while one of them video taped it and then posted it on youtube

    • Dan Lovallo

      The story did not get much play, nationally. I wonder if this one will?