Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy will run for a second term this election year, so the man who foisted the largest tax hike on Connecticut taxpayers in state history, ought to cut the you-know-what.

Malloy Won’t Jeopardize Party

The governor said he will not announce his re-election intentions until May 7, after the legislative session ends.  He said he needs to focus on being governor.  But politics in the 21st Century is all about raising money and joining the race early.  So it is absolutely ridiculous to think Malloy, who bleeds Democratic blue, would wait until two weeks before his party’s convention to announce he is not running for governor.  That would set off a scramble that would all but hand the gubernatorial race to the Republicans, no matter how inept they have proven to be.

Every move, every shakedown of corporations which have benefited from his largesse, every trip he takes across the state and beyond, every action is geared toward his 2014 re-election bid and the validation he so desperately craves from an electorate which he has so managed to irritate.

Do The People Really Care?

While most people go about their daily lives, attempting to make ends meet in a state which he has helped to make more expensive to live in, the governor will continue to play his games of “keeping the people guessing.”  As if most people really care.

In the end, when he finally makes his re-election bid official, he will have lived up to one of his 2010 campaign pledge’s of being a “transparent” governor.  Except the only transparency will be that of a political animal for all to see.Gov. Dannel P. Malloy

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... Wayne Johnson

    How about if Malloy runs……to another State or Country?????? California or Russia would be about right. In fact,let him run to Chicago,…Obama’s pride and joy political starting ground,….they DESERVE Malloy and he’ll fit right in! With all the political corruption and voter fraud,it’ll be the perfect match.