Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy will be running on his economic record, when he seeks re-election in the fall.  He and his fellow Democrats have been boasting about the jobs his policies have created.  Not a day goes by when the @CTDems send out a Tweet, reminding us of this.   If only it were true.

Malloy’s policies have done more harm than good for Connecticut job growth, since he assumed office more than three years ago.  (I know it seems longer.)  But that did not stop the party in power from tossing accolades at the latest job numbers released last week.  The January jobless rate dipped to 7.2 percent for Connecticut, even though 10,400 jobs were lost that month.  Go figure.  The state loses jobs and the unemployment rate goes down.

The January numbers were just an illusion for the governor, as he chose to focus on the 21,300 jobs created in Connecticut in 2013.  “The annual restatement of job figures is yet another sign that we are making progress in turning our economy around,” the governor said in a statement.  “With 53,000 private sector jobs (since he took office) created through the end of last year, we are experiencing one of the best periods of growth that Connecticut has seen in decades.”

Say what?  Perhaps the governor missed the fact that more than 10,000 of those jobs vanished in the January figures, that were not included in those “53,000 private sector jobs.”  Or maybe he needs to read the story in the New Haven Register headlined:  “Connecticut’s underemployed add to bleak jobs picture,” written by J. Brian Charles.

Maybe the governor needs to talk to David Ford, the IT specialist who has been layed off twice since the Great Recession.  He lost his job to another country.  Or maybe he ought to talk to Ellen Delisio, who struggles to make ends meet with freelance writing jobs, after losing full-time employment.

It might not be a bad idea if the governor examine the U-6 unemployment number rather than the gimmicky U-3, from where that misleading 7.2 percent rate emerged.  He might find that the U-6, which includes people who have stopped looking for work, or who are former full-time workers now working part-time, brings the real unemployment rate in Connecticut to 13.9 percent.  That’s a far cry from 7.2 percent.

In the story by Charles, New Haven-based economist Don Klepper-Smith was quoted as saying “The least useful statistic used to measure the strength of the economy is the U-3 unemployment rate.”

But that is the rate on which Malloy and the Democrats will campaign.   They will boast about numbers that are an illusion, while those seeking work Gov. Dannel P. Malloytry to find it in a world of real numbers.


  • http://Enteryourwebsite... Wayne Johnson

    Ever since Malloy scammed his way to the Governor’s Office with unprecedented voting fraud in Bridgeport,I wake up every morning hoping that Dan is just an illusion!Unfortunately,like his Mentor Obama,he is very real,very incompetent,and is performing well below his pay scale when it comes to both qualifications and policies. As for Malloy,at least he and many of his Democrat Socialist accomplisses will be gone in the next election. As for the terrorist sympathizer Obama,even though he will be VERY alone after the next election with most of his Democrat Party Socialist Comrades gone from office,we can only hope that under Republican control of both Houses that they impeach this head jackass and thus give him his proper “historic” place in the history books in regard to his Presidency and character.

    No other President in our history has ever been more deserving of impeachment and being tried for treason against The United States than Obama! Jimmy Carter is finally resting easy that he is no longer the worst Presidential failure we’ve ever had and Bill Clinton is no longer the biggest liar,Obama has clearly run away with both titles and it will be many generations until voters get that stupid again as to sink that low with their votes. And who does Malloy worship at the feet of???? Yup,…like Chris Matthews he seems to get a thrill up his leg when Obama is around and Dan really wants a job change up the ladder in the Democrat Party,(which by the way is more of a very low step stool!),and therefore is ready to play “Intern” to Obama to get there!Perhaps Malloy is finally reading the polls and the writing on the wall and is planning to be one of Connecticut’s many unemployed. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving incompetent.