Mark Greenberg is hoping three’s the charm, as he makes another run at the Republican Party congressional nomination in Connecticut’s 5th District.  Greenberg lost out in his two previous bids, to Sam Caligiuri in 2010 and Andrew Roraback in 2012.   Appearing on CTTalking Podcast, he told me he’s confident of the support he has received this time.  As of this podcast, 20 of 41 Republican Town committees in the 5th District have endorsed Greenberg.

A successful developer, Greenberg said the moment he decided to run for Congress was not with a Democrat in the White House but a Republican.  The spending policies of President George W. Bush were not to the liking of Greenberg, and it was at that pointCTTalking Podcast he decided to run.  He hasn’t stopped running since.

On the podcast, Greenberg outlines his platform, from healthcare to the economy.  Energy and defense also come in for scrutiny, as does the minimum wage.

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