In the latest CTTalking Podcast I give my opinion on the minimum wage hike, passed Wednesday by Democrats in the Connecticut General Assembly.

Connecticut Light & Power also comes in for some scrutiny, after Sen. Michael Machlachlan, R-Danbury, said he heard from constituents that they are being charged by CL&P for late billing, even though they mailed their bills in on time.  One customer even had the power turned off.  The crux of the matter seems to be CL&P’s having shipped its billing department out of state to Dallas, Texas.

The cost of special education also came in for discussion, in light of Connecticut Speaker of the House Brendan Sharkey’s property tax relief proposal.  Sharkey’s plan does not touch unfunded mandates, an issue I addressed in a blog, posted on this website.

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    Moving their billing out of state? I’m sure some of the money saved will be passed on to the customer. Saving bucks is just one of the reason for leaving the state. One day there will be nothing in this state except fast food, politicians, state workers, and those on the dole. It will be interesting to see how that works out as you watch it from Florida.

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    Hmmmmn,….C L & P is short for CONNECTICUT Light And Power and their billing,along with YANKEEGAS,is in Texas! How about changing the name to T L & P? It would be more accurate. It is frustrating to have to send bills to Texas,and it is definitely anti-Connecticut. Where are the loyal (Overpaid and spoiled) Union Big Shots and why aren’t they screaming bloody murder that their (Overpaid and spoiled) rank and file are getting ripped off of jobs and the consumers must now make sure that they send their bills in earlier in order to not get charged a late fee? And where is the Champion of Justice and News Cameras,Dick Blumenthal? Is he too busy trying to get airtime and name recognition nationally on other pet Democrat causes and tilting at windmills again like Don Quixote? How about the pathetically Liberal Legislature that cannot get enough of taking,spending,and wasting Taxpayer money that they should NEVER have their grubby hands on in the first place,…are they too busy trying to take away more of our State and National Constitutional Rights to pay attention to this issue? Could they be getting major political contributions and support from CL&P and don’t want to upset the money streams to their own campaign pockets to pay it any attention,….in essence,jobs and Union members be damned when the choice comes to choosing between CUSTOMER convenience and what’s right for Connecticut,and padding their own political nests? Get rid of the Democrats in the next election and replace them ALL with CONSERVATIVE businessmen and businessswomen and this State and Country will drastically and rapidly improve and be healed again. Until that happens,this Country and Connecticut will be flushed farther down the Liberal Socialist Democrat toilet. Remember,the truth hurts,…but ONLY the Democrats who cannot seem to live,speak,and legislate honestly and openly,especially Obama and his “Mini-Me” Malloy!