Treegate! Investigation Underway Into Tree Trimming At Governor’s $1 Million Stamford Home

Oha Nellie!   Do we have ourselves a little scandal brewing or is it just one of those things and it will never happen again?   It seems the mayor of Stamford, Connecticut, Michael Pavia, wants a full investigation into whether a Stamford city worker trimmed trees at the $1 million Stamford mansion of Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.  Of course, Malloy was once the long time mayor of Stamford.   The mayor wants to look into “potential employee misconduct or ethical violations.”

According to the Connecticut Post: Routine tree and hedge trimming at the governor’s $1 million home in Stamford’s affluent Shippan neighborhood came under scrutiny this month when the worker, Ron Markey, told Malloy’s neighbors he was a fulltime city employee. Markey later revealed he was hired by the politically-connected city contractor AFB Construction Management, prompting Pavia to launch an official inquiry.

Could this be Connecticut’s Treegate?   As they say in TV land, stay-tuned.

Photo courtesy of CT Post

Photo courtesy of CT Post